Air C4I Solutions

AIR C41 Solutions

Whether it is the functionality of a single-software, a full-scaled advanced tactical or operational C41 System, SAAB’s scalable, capable and affordable solutions are able to meet every detail of your requirements. It is SAAB’s principle to turn information into knowledge and then subsequently, take action using that knowledge.

An information can be potentially dangerous if it is used wrongly and SAAB ensures to take your information superiority to a higher level and offers tactical capabilities with amazing support on operations.

Ground C2 Systems

As a leading supplier in fully modular and scalable Command & Control solutions, SAAB offers a wide variety of functionality and system intelligence that is compatible to legacy systems and future requirements.



From fixing Tactical Data Links that are not compatible with current legacy C41 system, installing Airborne Early Warning (AEW) capabilities, installing ballistic missile tracking to remote Radar Management, 9AIR CRS has a flexible approach for different situations.

Since the 9AIR C41 family can be scaled and is flexible, it provides control for all air forces missions and operations missions. Acting as a force multiplier between the current C41 system and its desired capability, the system is able to scale from one workstation to many workstations if there is a need for it. By using operational technology that has been recognized, 9AIR CRS represents a part of the whole 9AIR TOCCS interoperable functionality.


9AIR Compact C2

A quick and direct way to add a Link 16 Tactical Data Link into your operational capability is to use the 9AIR Compact C2. It is 9AIR C41 concept to have complete control on all weapons, sensors and communications in order to flawlessly execute various strategies for air forces missions ranging from peacekeeping operations, air policing missions, border patrolling missions, full combat missions to joint war scenarios. In order to do this, the 9AIR C41 family has to be able to scale and to adapt because it helps the operators to make the right call and to act quickly and effectively by helping them with situational awareness and communications.


AIR C41 Training System

For operators in C41 systems to conduct realistic training in real time, SAAB made the AIR C41 Training System, a high performance simulator that can use one or two scenario to stimulate two centres at the same time, for this reason. Technical appraisal and testing can also be done on the training system.


To transform information into knowledge and then act on the knowledge, 9AIR TOCCS, also known as Tactical Operations Command & Control System, an innovative development and in-service experience that has been in existence for more than 70 years, was created to make operations more flexible and effective while enhances the user’s mission capabilities. This is done by using scalable and flexible solution that is quick and inexpensive to install in order to allow unique software connectivity and interoperability.

Third-party modules can also be easily added into any of the 9AIR TOCCS modules and you can combine it with equipment from other manufacturers should you need to meet certain needs and requirements.



To ensure mission success, it is vital to have ready and accurate information on own-unit status and the big picture of the entire situation. This is where 9AIRBONE MMS, also known as Mission Management System, comes in to provide non-flight critical command and control system for all platforms and missions. In addition, the functionality of the 9AIRBORNE MMS was optimized for airborne missions and improved situational awareness can be achieved with the information given by the primary surveillance radar, IFF, ADS-B, Tactical Data Links, AIS and ESM. Despite of their level, the system is made in a way that everyone on board is able to communicate with each other and view the mission system information.


Deployable C41 Solutions

To swiftly deploy expeditionary operations, a deployable communication and information solution (DCIS) is needed to create a communication infrastructure that is modular and flexible. This communication infrastructure can be upgraded from a simple installation to a full-fledged DCIS HQ solution by adding different modules and shelters including:

  • Command and Control
  • C2IS on operational and tactical level
  • Tactical Radio Capabilities
  • Telephony
  • Cross technology VoIP dispatcher for Radio and Telephony including Red/Black separation
  • Satcom
  • Internet Access
  • Access to civilian international TV/Radio news networks
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Mobile Tower and Approach shelter
  • Air Traffic Control system
  • Meteorology system
  • Approach and Landing Radar
  • Landing Lights
  • Intelligence cell
  • Sensor Information Analysis Systems
  • Air Combat Management
  • C2 systems
  • Mission support systems
  • Tactical Data Links
  • Secure Voice
  • Long Range Search and Surveillance Radar