Carl Gustaf M4

Carl Gustaf M4, a portable weapon with multi-functions, provides tactical flexibility by having the ability to use different types of ammunitions. To deal with a wide variety of challenges found on the battlefield, Carl-Gustaf, which the weapon was named after, has supported the use of dismounted infantry since 1948. The new Carl Gustaf M4 marks the next advancement in the history by meeting the necessities of modern wars situations and it was also made to be compatible with upcoming innovations. SAAB’s thinking edge has made it possible to build on a weapon that has 70 years of heritage and to give Carl-Gustraf M4 a whole new level of intelligence.


Carl-Gustaf M4 was made to help infantrymen to improve on their abilities and the features of the new multi-role flexibility system will have an impact on ground combat operations in the future. The new features include:

  • Lighter – The new Carl-Gustaf M4 has a shorter length and weighs below 7 kgs compared to the previous models
  • Intelligent Side – In order to create a maximum impact in any tactical environments, Carl-Gustaf 4 is made to be compatible with intelligent sight systems
  • Improved Ergonomics – With the inclusion of an adjustable shoulder rest and front grip, the overall ergonomics has been made better to help soldiers to adjust the weapon according to their preferences
  • Reduced Action Time – Carl Gustaf-M4 can be carried while it is loaded allowing the user to be first to the action
  • Round Counter – To make it easier to carry and maintain, a shot counter is included into Carl-Gustaf M4

Lighter, Faster and Better

A decision of a split second on modern battlefield can ultimately decide between life and death of the dismounted infantry and success of the operation is determined on how fast and how well the soldier can react in any tactical situation. In order for soldiers to act responsively, the length of Carl-Gustaf M4 has been made shorter from its previous models and it is made to weigh below 7 kgs.


Guaranteed Precision

Weaponry has to keep up to date with other technologies that are constantly evolving by coming up with innovative capabilities. One of such innovations is the programmable ammo which helps to increase the advantage of dismounted infantry on the battlefield. For soldiers to have advanced technology at their disposal, Carl-Gustaf was made to be compatible with intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammo.

The Power to Adapt

Compared to the past, the dismounted infantry in today’s world encounter a wider range of challenges on the battlefield and to improve on their tactical flexibility, a single weapon to counter all situations is needed and this also reduces their burden of carrying a lot of equipment. This is made possible with the new Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role system, which helps soldiers to face any tactical situation from destroying armoured tanks, enemy troops, eliminating obstacles to battling enemies located in buildings.



Carl-Gustaf M4 can be loaded with different types of specialized ammunitions including:


For Multi-Role/Anti Structure

  • 84mm ASM 509
  • 84mm MT756
  • 84mm HEDP 502, HEDP 502 RS


For Anti-Personnel

  • 84mm HE441D
  • 84mm HE441D RS
  • 84mm ADM 401


For Support

  • 84mm SMOKE 469C
  • 84mm ILLUM 545C


For Anti-Armour

  • 84mm HEAT 656CS
  • 84mm HEAT 751
  • 84mm HEAT 551, HEAT 551C RS


Sight Options

The sight options in Carl-Gustaf M4 include:

  • Open sight – By using illuminated dots, the front and back parts of open sight are optimized for operations during the night
  • Red Dot Sight – Used as alternative, Red Dot Sight increases the user’s accuracy, reduced the time to react, and increases the capability of fight during the night with night vision goggles
  • Telescopic Sight – Being part of the standard targeting option, a clip-on telescopic sight increases the user’s capabilities to fight during the night by having the option to include thermal sights or image intensifiers
  • Intelligent Sight – To speed up the action time and increase the probability of hitting the enemy, Carl-Gustaf M4 is made compatible with intelligent sights



For training, sub-calibre trainers, full calibre practice rounds, and simulators are provided to fulfil the requirements of the training system. SAAB can also provide customized training that is cost-effective from gunnery training to force-on-force exercises. Since Carl-Gustaf M4 can be used with the available training equipment and ammunition, the switch to Carl-Gustaf M4 will not have much impact on the training requirements and costs.