Giraffe AMB

With its 12-metre antenna mast and amazing Military Training Instructors (MTIs) and Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) performance, Giraffe AMB is an air surveillance and ground-based air defence (GBAD) that gives full volumetric target searching and it can track more than 200 targets in the air and 50 jammers. By processing returns from multiple, digitally shaped, and narrow beams in elevation, it gives 3D target update rate along with high-altitude coverage and accurate 3D-target information for all the targets in the search volume.

By having Communications, Command, and Control (C3) functionality in the same system, it helps forces with a quick understanding of the air situation to allow them to respond immediately and effectively to changing threats by coming up with new tactics, strategies, and shifting the conditions for the operation.

Giraffe AMB’s system can monitor the air volume from 360 degrees to warn against air targets including incoming rockets, artillery, and mortar rounds while at the same time, provide coastal surveillance.


In real combat situations, especially in event protections and other tense situations when every second counts, it is important to have real-time to protect the forces from threats coming from the air. Giraffe AMB does this well by protecting both the forces and assets. The Giraffe AMB can also track and identify engagements from multiple sources at the same time including fixed wing, helicopter, surface, jammer, and ballistic targets.


The 3D radar surveillance system is also an ideal gap filler that airspace commanders can use to maintain ongoing and accurate air situational awareness.


As it can act as a mobile deployable asset or fixed asset for air surveillance, the operator can either operate it locally or remotely. Furthermore, Giraffe AMB also allows for standard and customized data link integration.


Giraffe AMB is suitable to detect:


  • Medium-range surface-to-air missiles (SAM)
  • Extended short-range air defence (Extended SHORAD)
  • Short-range air defence (SHORAD)
  • Very short-range air defence (VSHORAD)
  • Counter rockets, artillery and mortars (C-RAM)


Giraffe AMB For Coastal Surveillance (Optional)


To use Giraffe AMB for coastal surveillance, you have to equip it with a separate dedicated surface channel used for the surface surveillance of coastal water.


This surface channel will operate in parallel with the air-surveillance channel, allowing for both surveillances to work at the same time. Giraffe AMB can also detect and tracks small and large ships that are sailing close to islands and that are sailing close to each other.


The whole detection, initiation, and tracking process is fully automated and the operator only needs to do corrections should it be necessary. Digital maps are also built into the radar to remove clutter from land and fixed objects.


Key Features


The key features of Giraffe AMB are as the following:


  • It covers the whole search volume every second


  • Provides engagement-quality Recognized Air Picture (RAP) target data


  • It is combat proven with 24/7 capability and can last for more than 150000 hours of full operation


  • Full flexibility in missions by utilizing unparalleled support services


  • Has a high degree of interoperability


  • The cost to maintain it is low and affordable for owners


Technical Data


Volume Search:

  • 14 stacked beams
  • Elevation coverage: 70 degrees
  • Scanning rate 60 rpm


Radar type: Stacked beam 3D radar

Antenna type: 3D phased array, digital beam forming

Frequency: C (G/H)-band

Elevation coverage: more than 70 degrees

Rotation rate: 60 RPM

Instrumented range: 120 km


General Parameters

Frequency band: 5.4 – 5.9 GHz


Transmitter type: TWT



Beam width: 2.1o


Average side lobe level: less than -50 dB


Radar Modes and Instrumented Coverage

Instrumented ranges: 40/120/ (180) km


Antenna rotation rate: 30/60 rpm


Full elevation coverage: more than 70 degrees


Altitude detection ceiling: more than 20,000 m



Modes 1, 2, 3/A, S, 4/NS

Potential 5


Target Tracking

Automatically initiated and tracked targets: 200


Automatically initiated and tracked RAM targets: 100


360 degrees Weapon Location – Mortars and Rockets

Location range: 16/20 km

Mortar position accuracy: less than 50 m CEP50