Due to the fact that 71% of the earth is filled with water, a major portion of the trading activities made in the world is based on sea freight and almost two out of three people of the world’s population live beside the sea. The increasing sea and human activities around the coastal area will lead to more threats such as piracy, oil pollution, illegal fishing activities and other crimes. To meet the ever-growing demands on marine security and safety, SAAB 340 MSA, the latest Surveillance Aircraft from SAAB, offers marine superiority in the coastal areas by giving the user access to a comprehensive airborne operational system that includes every tool to protect their waters. As SAAB 340 is made to meet whatever challenges it faces, it is a perfect platform for marine surveillance, search and rescue missions, and transport missions.


Safeguard Your Waters

SAAB 340 MSA offers outstanding performance and invaluable support for all types of surveillance, SAR operations, and transport missions to battle the crime activities within your waters. In addition, it is an efficient multi-role aircraft that increases the capability of your marine surveillance while also complementing naval and land-based surveillance solutions.

Operating from short airfields and to stay on air for missions that require close to 9 hours is made possible by the aircraft’s auxiliary fuel capabilities and this clearly illustrates the high endurance that SAAB 340 MSA has to respond to the challenges out there with the best course of action and that is most essential factor in protecting your waters. Among some of the equipment that are fitted into SAAB 340 MSA are maritime surveillance, search and rescue (SAR), Oil Spill and Pollution Detection, Fisheries, Inspection and Management, Counter-Smuggling Surveillance, Illegal Immigration Control, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Monitoring, and Transportation and Medevac.

Securing Maritime Domain Awareness

By utilizing the latest maritime products and technologies, SAAB 340 MSA has a comprehensive airborne operational system. With the Mission Management System installed at its core and several sensors installed on-board, SAAB 340 MSA has the capability to monitor large areas of waters in the day, night, rain, snow or fog.

To be always alert and aware of what is going on within your waters, it is important to have on-going communications, and this is made possible by the Secure-AIS data links and a reliable SATCOM system equipped in the SAAB 340 MSA. The communication systems facilitate orders to be sent and received from or to higher levels of command or to other units using a secured method to give them an accurate assessment a particular situation to enable them to act quickly and appropriately.


Communication beyond Boundaries

In the event where the aircraft sighted an unknown object or received a distress call, the coordinates will be set for the radar and a waypoint marking to the location of the object will be transmitted into the Flight Management System. When the aircraft is near to that particular location, the radar, SAR direction finder, AIS or electro-optical sensor’s high-resolution TV-camera will work simultaneously to look out for emergency signals, debris, people in the water, objects and ships. Later on, a report will be made and sent to the ground while the data is kept in a database.


Built For Excellence

Based on the success of its previous model, SAAB 340, that was known for its enhanced structural and system life, the SAAB 340 MSA is made to offer maximum performance at a minimal cost. SAAB 340 MSA is created by using technical parts that were hardly utilized in the previous model and the aircraft was given a complete overhaul including a re-manufactured fuselage, different range of new systems and a comfortable working environment for the crew. The aircraft will then delivered as new aircraft with new life span and subjected to new warranties.

The ideal combination of a successful, proven platform equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment helps SAAB 340MS to be one of the most affordable, capable and reliable Marine Surveillance Aircraft that you can purchase today.


Technical Details

Max Endurance: 6:30 h: min / 9:00 h: min

Max range 1,300nm / 2,000nm

Time on station: 4:15 h: min / 6:15 h: min

Time to climb 10,000ft: 5 minutes

Max cruise speed: 265 knots

Patrol speed: 140 knots

Take-off distance: 1,350m

Service ceiling: 25,000 feet



  • 360° rotating maritime surveillance radar
  • Retractable Multiple Payload EO/IR Sensor
  • Mission Management System
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Direction Finder (V/UHF)
  • Tactical Communication (VHF/UHF)


Option Packs

  • Search & Rescue
  • Large Observer Window
  • Air Drop Door
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • SLAR (Side-Looking Airborne Radar)
  • UV/IR Line Scanner
  • Extended Endurance
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank


Key Features

  • Lavatory
  • Cargo
  • Galley
  • Air Drop Door
  • Mission Rack
  • Overwing Emergency Exits
  • Operator Console with Seat  
  • Entrance Door
  • Crew Rest Area
  • Flight Attendant Seat
  • Aft Cabin Wall
  • Stowage Life Raft